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Welcome to Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic!

Familiar to all local residents by the magnificent ox wagon stationed on the property, Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic has been serving the local community since 1990.

Our Mission
To ensure the health and welfare of your animal by providing a professional and caring service, promoting continuous professional development to deliver the optimum solutions in veterinary science.

We have a full-service hospital facility for small animals on the premises and are proud to be a partner in Equicare (located 5 kilometres from our clinic) for our equine friends. The Equicare facility was established in 2000 in order to combine the resources of a number of equine practices and like-minded veterinarians, who, together, were able to build a modern hospital and stable complex, utilising ‘state of the art’ technology. The latest addition to the Equicare ‘stable’ is a CAT scan for superior diagnostics.