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September 2016: Two baby goats

These two little boys, named Vlokkie and Soekie by Maxine Oosthuizen, were rescued by her when they were probably only two days old and brought straight to the clinic for a check up.  Having probably not had colostrum from their mother, there was the possibility of infection (one had a high temperature) and the beginning of ‘joint ill’.  After antibiotics and intra-articular injections, both are doing very well.  Thanks to Maxi for adding Vlokkie and Soekie to her already extensive equine, canine and feline family!

June 2016 – Good news for Peanut!

Standard radiographs and ultrasounds identified a growth in the spleen which was removed but was not able to show in detail whether the growths had spread to other areas, especially the lungs.  CT scans were able to reveal the ‘good news’ that there were no ‘nasties’ in the lungs

Thanks to the Cetinich family for allowing us to publish Peanut’s story.

May 2016 – Graniet now much more comfortable

Crowthorne Veterinary Clinic scanned Equicare partner, Chartwell Equine’s  horse, Leeukloof Graniet, who had been experiencing unexplained discomfort  in the mouth for many months that traditional treatment could not identify.   CT scan revealed a supernumerary molar tooth that had displaced the normal tooth causing an infection, which would have been difficult to see in detail  with standard radiography.  The CT scan provided lots more information and enabled Dr Nicole du Toit, an Equine Dental Veterinary Specialist, to remove both teeth through the sinus cavity.  The horse is now recovering very well and is so much more comfortable!

Thanks to Equicare partner, Chartwell Equine Clinic, Dr Hildegard Setzkorn and owner of horse, Hermien Jooste,for allowing us to print this story.